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Badgr Pathway to Pro Series - The best way to bring your professional credentialing ecosystem to the next level!

The best way to bring your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level!

Welcome to Badgr Pro — Pathway to Pro Series

The Badgr team has designed the Pathway to Pro series to provide you and your team with a guided tour of Badgr Pro’s powerful features for developing a robust digital badging ecosystem.

Like our onboarding pathway, this pathway will give you the opportunity to earn and claim sharable digital badges that will recognize your growing skills.

Note: All features included in this series require a Badgr Pro subscription. Contact the Badgr sales team for a customized quote for your organization.

What Is Badgr Pro?

Badgr Pro is a subscription-based service that helps you take your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level with skills-aligned digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records — all backed by Badgr’s powerful analytics.

Level 1 Badge: Connect Achievement with Opportunity

Connect your digital credentials and learning pathways to meaningful skills definitions that transform your awards into marketable currency for your learners.

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Badgr’s growing network of over 25,000 digital badge issuers can connect any badge award with Emsi’s robust collection of 30,000 marketable skills. Issuers of digital awards can quickly and seamlessly align skills such as adaptability, collaboration, empathy, and resilience to any digital badge created using Badgr Pro. Alternatively, digital badges can be used to connect demonstrated skills to in-demand jobs listed on Indeed.com.

In this first step of our Badgr Pro series, we’ll look at how you can connect your digital badges to one or more of these exciting skills networks.

Challenge: Connect a digital badge to Emsi skills.

Key Resources

When a badge is awarded for achieving your defined standard of achievement, recipients will be able to view the specific skill the badge represents. This information will be locked in the Badge’s metadata. When viewed, the skill will link to a page displaying data for the job market for that skill. Badgr Pro organizations in the U.S. and Canada can take advantage of labor market data provided by Emsi. See an example for the skill Leadership. Organizations outside the U.S. and Canada can choose to link to job market data provided by Indeed in their country.

Claim the Level 1 Pathway to Pro Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 1 Pathway to Pro badge.

Level 2 Badge: Stackable Learning Pathways

Organize your digital badges into a stackable, visually connected landscape that helps your learners understand where they are in their learning journeys.

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Badgr pathways put your learners’ journeys in perspective. Pathways are shareable, customizable, optionally aligned to skills taxonomies and standards, and can be automated to save you time.

In this second step of our Pathway to Pro series, we’ll take a look at creating your first stackable credential pathway and explore some of the ways pathways can add value to your learning ecosystem.

Challenge: Create a stackable credential pathway

Key Resources

  • Get inspired: Explore the Pathway Gallery to find ideas for building your own pathways.
  • Pathway highlight: Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or micro-credentials, designed in a three-tiered framework based on documentation of teaching improvement activities, and can earn two culminating certificates. These certificates can be used as evidence of one’s teaching improvement and dedication to student success. This experience is largely automated using Badgr Pathways, freeing up time for valuable reflection assessments and collaboration.
  • Tutorial: Review this how-to video to get a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your first pathway.

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Level 3 Badge: Highly Configurable Print Certificates

Certify your learner’s achievements with customizable print certificates that are easy to share, are independently verifiable, and communicate the rigor and value of your program.

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Print certificates are a physical (or PDF) representation of and link to a digital badge that lives in the learner’s backpack, including all the verifiable proof of achievement.

After a certificate is shared (printed or as a PDF), evidence of its connection to a digital badge becomes clear when the unique QR code is scanned by any individual interested in verifying the authenticity of the certificate. The QR code links to the public page associated with that award.

In the third part of this series, we’ll guide you through the process of creating certificates and help you frame that process for your learners.

Challenge: Print or share any of the badges you’ve earned in this workflow as a certificate, or try it out with a badge from any of your own Badgr Pro issuers.

Key Resources

  • Visit Printing Badges in Certificate Format in the Badgr Knowledge Base.
  • Example print certificate: This is an example of a print certificate created using a Badgr Pro subscription. Print certificates are available to all Badgr users, but Badgr Pro subscribers have access to a wider variety of template designs!

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Level 4 Badge: White Label and SSO Integration

Create a seamless experience that meets the needs of your learners — and your IT staff — while highlighting your brand identity.

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According to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, “Individuals born in the latter years of the baby boom (1957-1964) held an average of 12.3 jobs from age 18 to age 52. Nearly half of these jobs were held from ages 18 to 24.” With all these learning experiences and career roles in mind, it’s critical that any achievements, recognition, or awards you earn throughout your lifelong journey are managed from one convenient, secure location.

In this section of the Pathway to Pro series, we’ll look at how you can log into your Badgr account using single sign-on (SSO) to automatically connect one or more of your online identities with Badgr and how to manually add individual email addresses. For example, you may use Facebook, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter to log into your Badgr account. Doing so will associate these accounts with your primary Badgr account into the future.

Challenge: Log into Badgr using an SSO option or manually link your account with additional emails.

Key Resources

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After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 4 Pathway to Pro badge.

Level 5 Badge: Claim Codes and Advanced Awarding Options

Connect Badgr with a wide array of systems and simplify how your organization recognizes achievement. Badgr offers a number of versatile awarding options including bulk awards, learning management system (LMS) integrations, and other advanced mechanisms such as QR codes and claim links.

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One of the things that makes digital badges so powerful is their flexibility. Unlike traditional awards, Badgr digital badges may be bestowed on their recipients in many different ways, including options that emerge after Badgr has been integrated into a learning management system or other third-party software.

In this section of the Pathway to Pro series, we’ll look at how you can create and share a claim code.

Challenge: Create a claim code for your digital badge and share it.

Key ResourceCreating a Claim Code

Strategies for Using Claim Codes

  1. Gamify anything!
    Generate and print a claim code to reward a real-world experience with a digital badge. See how Operation: Worldwide Joyride gamified an in-person event.
  2. Use claim codes in campaigns to differentiate between a variety of referral sources and program success
    • Like Google campaign URLs, you can use a variety of different claim codes for a single badge and use the number of claims as a proxy for program success. Badgr also offers a variety of analytics options to measure the success of your digital badge efforts.
  3. Use claim codes in online webinars to grow engagement and delight your attendees
    • The Badgr team hosts open, monthly webinars to help individuals and organizations get up to speed on digital badging. As a thank you, the Badgr team offers a unique badge each month that attendees can claim using a QR claim code. Join our monthly webinars to see Badgr in action or visit the Badgr Youtube channel to view pre-recorded webinars.

Claim the Level 5 Pathway to Pro Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 5 Pathway to Pro badge.

Level 6 Badge: Real-time Analytics

Badgr Pro’s real-time analytics provide powerful, at-a-glance insights that help your team focus on improving learning outcomes while getting a full picture of your learning ecosystem. In a single click, you can export your insights into a data lake or your Badgr-integrated tool of choice and increase your organization’s agility at scale.

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Once you’ve started awarding digital badges to your learners, you’ll want to keep track of how your awards, issuers, and organizational growth are contributing to the success of your program. Badgr Analytics displays badge, issuer, and organization-level analytical data in real-time, so everyone can be on the same page and make informed decisions about your learning ecosystem. Every time a learner shares a digital badge to social media, your organization has the opportunity to make an impression. Badgr tracks these shares and provides visual, at-a-glance reports that help your organization measure ROI.

Challenge: Log into your Badgr account and visit the analytics dashboard

Key Resources

Badgr Analytics Features Overview

Reporting and Analytics Walkthrough

Claim the Level 6 Pathway to Pro Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 6 Pathway to Pro badge.

Level 7 Badge: Custom Data Fields

You can customize Badgr Pro with powerful and configurable data fields that add rigor, value, and relevance to your digital awards. Any custom data fields your organization creates will appear in data exports, simplifying the analysis process in your Badgr-integrated tool of choice.

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Part of what makes digital badges so powerful is the unique metadata baked into each badge award. This data includes information describing the issuer of the award, earning criteria, and more. Although robust, this metadata can sometimes fall short of meeting your organization’s needs. Enter custom data fields! You and your team can add custom data fields that give your badges additional meaning, value, and currency.

In this part of the Pathway to Pro series, we’ll look at some examples of how you can use custom data fields to support the success of your digital badging programs.

Challenge: Create a custom field using one or more property types.

Key Resource Custom Badge Properties Walkthrough

Custom Fields

Single Choice. Allows editors to create a predefined property field with custom choices available in a drop-down menu, such as Yes and No. Badge editors may associate one of the choices in the menu with a particular badge.

  • Example: Organizations such as Digital Promise may use this custom property type to differentiate between badge awards that may or may not be eligible for equivalent college credit.

Number. Allows editors to associate a numerical value with a badge.

  • Example: Institutions like the University of North Texas may use this custom property type to capture the number of credits represented bya digital badge.

Text. Allows editors to associate a string of text with a badge — for example, “Offered in partnership with Badgr.”

Rich Text. Allows editors to associate a string of formatted rich text with a badge, such as ordered or numbered lists and embedded URLs.

  • Example: The InterAmerican Development Bank may include a list of links to program documentation in multiple languages to better serve its international community of learners, or it may use this feature to elaborate on programmatic connections by linking to international frameworks such as ESCO and AQF.

Claim the Level 7 Pathway to Pro Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 7 Pathway to Pro badge.

Badge Level 8: Comprehensive Learner Record

Learning is a lifelong pursuit. Badgr Pro’s comprehensive learner record is interoperable and portable and helps learners understand, manage, and share their verifiable achievements all from one place.

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Today, skills and competencies are acquired and demonstrated in a variety of settings, including formal and informal education, jobs, the military, and more. Typically, learners rely on a combination of résumés, online profiles, job applications, portfolios, social networks, certificates, and isolated credentials to describe and communicate their growing skills and qualifications to outside stakeholders, including employers and institutions of higher education. Maintaining, managing, and sharing these records can quickly become a challenge unto itself. Enter the comprehensive learner record (CLR). Badgr Pro’s first-of-its-kind CLR gives learners a secure source of truth so they can focus on what matters — the learning!

In this section of our Pathway to Pro series we’ll take a look at how different organizations connect with and use the CLR.

Challenge: Explore our success stories to see how Badgr Pro clients are using the CLR

Key Resource Getting Started with the Learner Record

Discover How Other Organizations Are Using the Badgr CLR

First-of-Its-Kind Learner Record Helps UNT Students Build, Track, and Share Marketable Skills

Learning and Employment Records Enable Walmart and Salesforce to Pursue Skills-based Hiring at Scale

Claim the Level 8 Pathway to Pro Badge

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Badge Level 9: Verified Issuer Account

Use your verified issuer account to award secure credentials that your learners can trust and value. Badgr’s straightforward management tools empower your organization to create an experience that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

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Give your learners peace of mind and differentiate your valuable programs with a Badgr Pro verified issuer account. When you subscribe to Badgr Pro, your organization will gain this meaningful verification status to help learners identify the valuable recognition opportunities offered by your issuers.

In this final section of the Pathway to Pro series, we’ll explore this status along with other organization-level settings that will help you manage your digital credentialing ecosystem and ensure digital badge quality and consistency across your issuers.

Challenge: Claim your final digital badge from this pathway, visit the public pathway page for this series, and share your awards online.

Key Resources

Activate and Leverage Issuer Locking

Things to Consider: Pro tips and other considerations for your digital credentialing ecosystem

Basics of Digital Badge Development

Claim the Level is 9 Pathway to Pro Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 9 Pathway to Pro badge.

Next Steps and Resources

Thank you for completing our onboarding series! Below we’ve provided you with a series of next steps and resources to help you continue on your pathway to success.

Connect with the Badgr Sales team

  • Ready to take your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level with Badgr Pro? Get in touch with our sales team for a customized quote and more information.

Enroll in our Badgr Onboarding Series

  • Looking to take a step back and learn more about Badgr’s core features? The Badgr Onboarding Series is designed to guide you and your team through the top five features available to learners through our free product.

Join us during an upcoming live monthly webinar

  • The Badgr team hosts a monthly webinar that takes attendees from 0 to 60 on all things digital badging. Throughout the webinar, our team solicits feedback that personalizes the direction of the conversation. Every webinar includes a Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with the team and have your questions answered!

Browse our Success Stories

  • Learn more about how others have successfully leveraged Badgr’s capabilities. Success stories include examples from institutions of higher education (University of North Texas), corporations that recognize upskilling and reskilling (Walmart and Salesforce), and more!

Visit our Pathway Gallery

  • See how other digital badge issuers are using Badgr Pathways to support learners and build successful programs.