Canvas Launches Certification Program for Educators to help Master Canvas - Gain Canvas mastery and receive recognition!

Gain Canvas mastery and receive recognition!

Badgr Team

October 22, 2020

This article was originally published by Instructure on October 14, 2020.

Introducing the Canvas Certified Educator Program

Designed to help educators master and get recognized for their growing Canvas skills and competencies.

The Canvas Certified Educator Program is a digital badge-embedded coursework series that invites learners to deepen and certify their Canvas knowledge. This new program consists of online courses designed to strengthen educator understanding while augmenting online and blended instruction with pedagogical best practices and resources.

Objectives for this program include,

  • Learning how to develop and retain great educators
  • Engaging in self-paced modules designed to ensure deep implementation and successful adoption of technology, like Canvas
  • Exploring strategies to facilitate the move from transactional to transformational learning experiences

Over four weeks, educators will have the ability to engage in four core learning modules and optional K12 and HE elective courses, including:

  • Core 1: Foundational Frameworks
    This course explores the impact of technology on student learning and the classroom and how Canvas can help educators improve student achievement, motivation, and engagement.

  • Core 2: Engagement Strategies
    This course examines the ways that Canvas can help enrich teaching practices. By leveraging strategies that enhance engagement, motivate learners, and create a progression toward learning goals, educators can maximize their impact on student achievement.

  • Core 3: Personalized Learning
    This course evaluates digital learning tools that enhance learning in Canvas as part of its dedication to open standards.

  • Core 4: Transformational Practices
    This course evaluates digital learning tools that enhance learning in Canvas as part of its dedication to open standards.

  • Electives
    A series of optional K12 or HE courses can be selected by participants based on their interests and needs.

A Pathway to Personalizing and Recognizing Professional Learning

Each course will expose learners to first-hand experiences that will provide frameworks, models, and instructional practices anchored in research.

Image: Earning the program certificate requires completion of four core courses and two electives. Digital badges are powered by Badgr and issued to learners as they progress through the learning experience.
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Participants will receive a digital badge issued from Instructure through Badgr upon completion of each course, in addition to a digital pathway badge upon completion of the full program. Furthermore, Instructure has partnered with Digital Promise to align each course in the program to a Digital Promise educator micro-credential, with key learning takeaways that are backed by educational research and the opportunity to submit evidence created within the courses toward earning the micro-credential.

The Digital Promise team will review participants’ evidence against a passing criteria/rubric, and when successfully earned, micro-credentials can then be shared by the participant for recognition by their institutions. Many states currently recognize Digital Promise’s educator micro-credentials for professional development and recertification, to check on the status of your state, see Digital Promise’s Policy Map tool.

“Canvas Certified Educator is a direct response to requests from our customers the past few years,” said Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer. “They want to have deeper knowledge of the platform and to have credentials and badges that certify their expertise with Canvas to facilitate professional development and career progression.”

To learn more about this exciting new program, visit the Canvas Certified Educator Program information page.

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