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All the Badgr resources you’ll need at CanvasCon Online 2020 - in one place!

Organizations around the world use Badgr to create branded learning ecosystems that support their communities with skills-based digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records. The Badgr team has created this page as a singular source of truth for all the resources you and your team will need to hit the ground running during CanvasCon Online 2020 and beyond!

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  2. Success Stories
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  • Badgr Home Page
    The Easiest Way to Issue Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials - Visit the home page for more info!
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  • Badgr Features and Pricing Leverage the power of Badgr’s industry-leading digital credentialing solution to create skills-based recognition and guided learning journeys that help your users focus on what really matters.
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  • Contact Us
    Whatever your digital badging needs, we’re here to support you!
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  • Our CanvasCon Online 2020 Presentation
    How You Can Recognize a Lifelong Learning Journey With Digital Badges, Stackable Credential Pathways, and Portable Learner Records
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  • CanvasCon Online 2020 Questions, Comments, and Feedback Form
    Do you have Badgr-related questions, comments, and feedback? Submit your inquiries to our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
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  • Register for our post-CanvasCon Online Webinar
    We know the day of the conference will be a little hectic for folks, so we’ve scheduled an hour-long Q&A on October 21st at 10:00AM PST to make sure we address any questions you might have.
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Feature Spotlights

  • Analytics
    Learn how analytics for Badgr pro can help you create a smarter learning ecosystem!
    Check out our analytics spotlight

  • Pathways
    Find out how you can put your learner’s journey into perspective with customizable, stackable, and shareable credential pathways.
    Create your pathway to success

  • Badgr for Canvas
    Explore how you can meet your learners where they are with Canvas learning management system support via Badgr.
    Get started with Badgr for Canvas

  • Skills Alignment
    Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring using native and Emsi skills alignment.
    Learn more about skills

Success Stories

  • Main Success Stories Portfolio Page
    Learn more about how others have successfully leveraged Badgr’s suite of services!
    Explore Our Success Stories

  • LRNG (Non-traditional)
    A non-profit organization called LRNG is making learning relevant for young people who struggle to see the value of traditional education. Underserved students in urban areas in particular don’t always view high school coursework as applicable to the real world, or college as something they can easily access. As a result, they can lose the motivation to pursue learning altogether.
    Explore this Success Story

  • Pacific Science Center (K12)
    In Seattle, the Pacific Science Center is on a mission to ignite curiosity in children through science-based experiences. Student volunteers in the center’s Discovery Corps program support that effort by welcoming visitors, providing information at interactive exhibits, assisting with program operations, and much more.
    Explore this Success Story

  • Digital Promise (Professional Development)
    Digital Promise is a U.S.-based nonprofit created by Congress in 2008 as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies. An innovative researcher on a mission to improve learning opportunities for all, Digital Promise has developed the gold standard for teacher professional development via a micro-credential program accepted for continuing education credit in states and districts across the country.
    Explore this Success Story

  • The University of Southern Florida (Higher Education)
    When college graduates can’t match their hard-earned education to real-world job requirements, opportunities are lost for job seekers and employers alike. Many decry a “skills gap,” declaring that traditional degrees don’t adequately prepare graduates for entry-level work.
    Explore this Success Story

  • KONY (Professional Development)
    The progression of software technology has endless payoffs: It can make the world more productive, more profitable, more healthy, more connected. But when technology advances so quickly that it outpaces the skills necessary to implement it, that’s a problem. In the realm of software technology, such a skills gap can hinder professional opportunities for designers and engineers and hinder innovation for business.
    Explore this Success Story

  • The University of North Texas (Higher Education)
    Since 2016, the University of North Texas has helped students develop the marketable skills that can give them an edge in the job market. But over time, UNT discovered that enabling students to build skills wasn’t enough. Without a way to visualize those skills, many students didn’t fully understand them — and struggled to communicate them to potential employers.
    Explore this Success Story

  • New World of Work (Workforce Development)
    The global economy is in the midst of a massive, transformational shift. Traditional connections between learning and work are evolving rapidly. To address these challenges, a coalition of 85 community colleges in California have partnered with local employers to leverage digital badges to help accelerate a skills-based transformation of the U.S. labor market.
    Explore this Success Story

  • Upskill SA! (Workforce Development)
    According to a report published by the US Census Bureau in 2019, San Antonio Texas is the fastest-growing metropolitan region in the United States. To ensure that every San Antonian has the opportunity for socioeconomic mobility, the UpSkill San Antonio program was created with support from the Walmart Foundation to design and build a talent pipeline for fast-growing middle-skill jobs. This award-winning collaboration combines the innovation expertise of Education Design Lab, a national nonprofit that helps design, test, and implement education models with Goodwill San Antonio, a local, mission-driven organization that fights poverty and changes lives through the power of work.
    Explore this Success Story

Online Article Highlights

  • Gamifying your Classroom Makes Learning a Serious Business
    How you can use digital badges to engage your students in gamified learning activities that help scaffold and differentiate learning while reinforcing and celebrating a growth mindset.
    Read the blog post

  • 5 Ways to Gamify Your Canvas Course in 5 Minutes
    It’s never been more important to recognize a lifelong learning journey. Whether learning occurs in the classroom, on a job site, or online, recognizing traditional and non-traditional educational experiences has become an invaluable investment that has the potential to shape the future of learning.
    Check out our post on the Canvas Blog

  • A Guide to Sharing Digital Badges on Social Media
    You’ve already done the hard work of earning your badges, and your network should know about them without it needing its own training session. Here’s a quick and easy guide to sharing digital badges on social media.
    Start sharing now!

  • Badgr and Emsi Announce Partnership to Advance Skills Portability and Transparency
    Concentric Sky and Emsi announce groundbreaking new partnership connecting skill-based micro-credentials with real-time labor market insights
    Read our announcement with Emsi

  • Micro-credentialism: A Podcast that Explores the Digital Badging Landscape
    Tune in Monthly for Bite-sized Stories and Interviews from the World of Digital Badging
    Find out how to join the conversation

  • A Comprehensive Learner Record for All
    How The University of North Texas Recognizes and Rewards Marketable Skills with Open Badges
    Read the announcement with UNT

  • Making Connections with Digital Credentials
    Unlock achievement and recognize learning at a distance
    Visit this resource on

  • Create and Award Digital Badges in Microsoft Teams
    In-app badges are now available to the Teams user base of over 40 million users worldwide.
    Learn more about this integration

  • Instructure Partners with Concentric Sky’s Badgr to Offer Digital Badging Capability within Canvas
    This partnership will allow institutions to create open badges that are compatible within the Canvas environment.
    Learn more about this partnership

Valuable One-Pager Documents

  • One Pager Folder (Google Drive)
    All our one-pager documents, all in one place!
    Explore our one-pager documents

  • Pathways - LMS One-Pager
    Learn more about pathways and how you can integrate visual learning journeys into your Canvas courses.
    Download the one-pager

  • General Badgr One-Pager
    Badgr has a full suite of professional products and services to explore, learn more in our general one-pager document.
    Download a copy of this one-pager

  • Badgr Pro One-Pager
    Badgr Pro helps you bring your learning management system and credential ecosystem to the next level.
    Download a copy of our Badgr Pro one-pager

  • Badgr Pro for Canvas One-Pager 1 of 2
    Badgr Pro adds another level of sophistication and portability to your Canvas courses. This is a two-page document, don’t forget to get the second page (below).
    Get the first page of our Badgr Pro for Canvas one-pager

  • Badgr Pro for Canvas One Pager 2 of 2
    This is the second side of our Badgr Pro for Canvas one-pager. If you haven’t already downloaded the first page, you’ll find that in the link above.
    Get the second page of our Badgr Pro for Canvas one-pager

  • Badgr Pathways One-Pager
    Badgr Pathways helps put your learner’s journey into perspective and it also helps your organization make informed decisions about how to grow your digital learning ecosystem.
    Download the Badgr Pathways one-pager

  • Analytics One-Pager
    Badgr offers a robust suite of analytics functionality with your Badgr Pro subscription. Take a look at our one-pager document to make sure you’re taking full advantage of this powerful feature within Badgr Pro.
    Download our analytics one-pager document

  • Pathway Gallery
    Explore our collection of pathway examples to find ideas for building your own scaffolded learning pathways.
    Explore our pathway gallery

  • ASU Experiential Learning Career Spark Certificate
    The Experiential Learning Career Spark Certificate Pathway is designed to recognize the skills and competencies demonstrated by learners as they explore and apply emerging technologies in the field. This pathway consists of over 25 rigorous digital badges aligned with work-integrated coursework, success skills, and a capstone project.
    Explore this pathway

  • Virginia Tech University Libraries Advanced Research Skills Program
    The Advanced Research Skills (ARS) Program Pathway captures achievements from a 7 week, 6 workshop series that was created by University Libraries in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Research. The goal of the program is to give all participants a chance to develop high-level research skills needed for conducting undergraduate research. Each award is module-based and managed via the Canvas Learning Management System.
    Explore this pathway

  • Virtual Learning Academy Charter School Culinary Arts Program
    This VLACS Culinary Arts Program pathway culminates in the awarding of a competency-based completion badge and sends signals to local community college. This badge certifies that the learner has acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to demonstrate more granular foundational, career concentration and work-based competencies.
    Explore this pathway

  • Georgia Virtual Schools Master Teacher Program
    The Master Teacher program Pathway at Georgia Virtual School recognizes and rewards online instructors that display mastery of their craft. The Master Teacher designation represents a commitment to the Georgia Virtual School program. Master teachers are identified as instructional leaders in their departments, and the culminating master teacher credential distinguishes the instructor for three years.
    Explore this pathway

  • Sailpoint IdentityNow Cloud Engineer Program
    Learners who complete the SailPoint Certified Solutions Architect Pathway have demonstrated competency both as an IdentityNow Engineer and as a Cloud practitioner. This pathway scaffolds credentials provided by Sailpoint and trusted third-party organizations including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
    Explore this pathway

  • ETE10 Educator Professional Development @ Utah State University
    The ETE10 program is aligned with the mission statement of Utah State University, “by fostering the principle that academics comes first” and to the mission of Empowering Teaching Excellence program, “to elevate and promote the culture of teaching excellence” at USU. Sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services (AIS), this voluntary program is designed for tenure track and non-tenure-track faculty, lecturers, clinical faculty, professional practice faculty, adjunct instructors, and graduate instructors.
    Explore this pathway

  • Mr. Kelley’s 6th Grade Science Class
    Mr. Kelley has designed this pathway to carefully align with coursework activities within his 6th-grade classroom. As learners progress through coursework within the Canvas learning management system, they are awarded digital badges that recognize their unique progress. This approach effectively gamifies instruction and reinforces mastery-based learning strategies.
    Explore this pathway

  • New World of Work
    The New World of Work team partnered with Connected Lane County and the Badgr platform to create digital learner Badges that align with the “Top 10” list of 21st Century Skills. Badge assessments are based on the NWoW high school video series and can be used in high school programs, adult education, or for the general public. They are considered the first step on the 21st Century Skills Badge Pathway because they indicate a basic understanding of the essential 21st Century Skills, as well as provide an introduction to earning badges.
    Explore this pathway

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    Did you know Badgr founded the world’s leading open-source digital badge platform? Learn more about our commitment to open standards and how you can get involved.

  • Open Skills Network
    The Open Skills Network (OSN) is a coalition of employers, education providers, military, and other stakeholders dedicated to advancing skills-based education and hiring. The OSN is committed to creating a more equitable, skills-driven labor market by matching talent with career opportunities through a common skills language, benefitting individuals, employers, and the U.S. economy.
    Learn more about this exciting coalition

Tutorials and Walkthroughs

  • Support Page
    The Badgr Knowledge Base has all the tutorials, support articles, and walkthroughs that your team will need to build a world-class learning and recognition ecosystem.
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  • Comparing Badgr (free) and Badgr Pro
    Make your badging program smarter with Badgr Pro. Badgr Pro offers a variety of features to help stack credentials, track analytics, gamify student learning, and make implementing a full-scale badging program easy and fun. Badgr Pro can be used with our without a Learning Management System (LMS).
    Learn more about Badgr

  • Checklist for badging in Canvas Courses
    Getting started with Badgr for Canvas is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to configure. Follow our walkthrough to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the features Badgr provides you in this quick introduction!
    Hit the ground running!

CanvasCon Online 2020 Presentations

  • Open Badges 101
    During this lighting chat we’ll give you a background on the open badges specification, and how you can leverage this powerful technology!
    Watch the presentation

  • Badge Backpack Pro Tips
    Did you know you could organize your digital badges and share them all at once? Learn more in this short session on digital backpacks!
    Watch the presentation

  • Creating Your First Learning Pathway
    So you have a handful of badges and now you’re looking to create your first pathway. learn how to get started in this short introductory tutorial.
    Watch the presentation

  • Critical Considerations for your Learning Ecosystem
    What are your awards worth and how can you increase their rigor? Find out how in this discussion on upgrading your learning ecosystem.
    Watch the presentation

  • Gamifying your Canvas Course with Badgr
    Educators: How can you use Badgr in Canvas to motivate your learners without putting more on your plate? We’ll help you out in this quick discussion!
    Watch the presentation

  • Best Practices for Using Badgr in Canvas Courses
    In this video, we share some tips that help keep the badge awards flowing in your course. Join the Badgr team for this short discussion about Badgr in Canvas.
    Watch the presentation

  • Badgr LTI installation options
    This short video shows how and where you can install the Badgr LTI and some of the benefits of using custom XML to install the app.
    Watch the presentation

  • 2020 Badgr Open Standards For Skills
    Come learn a bit about our current work in the web standards community and how you can get involved, by using Badgr & Badgr Pro and joining the conversation.
    Watch the presentation

  • Create your Pathway to Success
    Join Elizabeth Miller in a discussion about how digital badges can be used by learners and instructional providers to unlock the next step on a lifelong journey.
    Watch the presentation