GamiPress Offers Digital Badging and Recognition to over 400 million WordPress Users

Integrate digital badging, gamification, and achievements into any Wordpress-powered website to delight and recognize your users.

Badgr Team

July 30, 2020

As businesses worldwide continue to increase their online presence, how can they motivate their visitors to engage with their website and coursework? According to a survey conducted in 2019, over half of smartphone users are more likely to use a company or brand’s mobile app when browsing or shopping on a smartphone because they can get rewards or points (Ref: Think with Google).

Organizations interested in adding a layer of Badgr-powered recognition and gamification to their WordPress-powered website now have the option of integrating the GamiPress plugin. This GamiPress plugin enables WordPress website developers to incentivize and reward user engagement with points, achievements, ranks, and Badgr-powered open badges as they complete predefined actions.

What are Open Badges?

Open Badges present learners with a powerful way of being recognized and also make it easy to organize and share those achievements online. Digital badges may be leveraged in instructional settings to motivate learners intrinsically by providing learners with clear milestones for demonstrating their growth. Awards may also be used extrinsically through strategies like “gamification.” Gamification is nothing new for most instructional designers, and this idea leverages strategies employed by classroom teachers and professional development associations across the globe. Through its integration with Badgr, GamiPress has made it easy for more than 400 million WordPress users to award and receive open and portable digital badges.

How does it work?

To get started, follow these steps:

1.Create a Badgr account (if you don’t have one)

Before you start creating and issuing digital badges, a member of your team must first create an account on

2.Create an issuer and badges for that issuer to award within Badgr

  • Once logged into Badgr, navigate to the “issuers” tab using the main navigational bar at the top of the interface. After adding an issuer, you may create any number of digital badges that include required and optional award information. Visit this resource For more information on creating badges.
Image: Select "Create Issuer" after selecting "Issuers" from the primary navigational menu.
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Image: After creating an issuer you may create any number of digital badges from within Badgr's interface.
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3.Locate and install GamiPress from the Plugin Library

After you’ve created a Badgr Account, navigate back to your WordPress instance, and install the GamiPress plugin.

Image: After creating an issuer and awards within Badgr, download the GamiPress plugin from the Wordpress plugin library.
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4.Get the Badgr add-on, install, and configure

Navigate to the GamiPress settings, enter your account details, and authorize the regional data center that aligns with your users.

Image: Once the GamiPress plugin is installed, add the Badgr add-on from within the GamiPress settings menu.
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After installation, Badges are automatically synchronized between your Badgr instance and WordPress. Users will also have awards synchronized this way if they have existing badges from their Badgr Backpack.

5.Setup achievements on GamiPress and sync with Badgr

There are many types of achievements that can be configured to meet your goals and reward your users, including points that unlock badges created in Badgr.

Visit this article for a more detailed walkthrough of integration and reward options, including how each of the features can be enabled:

If you’re interested in sandboxing your reward strategy, GamiPress offers a demo environment where you can roll up your sleeves and see how each of the features behaves.

Example Use Cases

Elearning Website Example: Learners unlock a digital badge after completing an individual assignment or course and can share that badge with an employer via LinkedIn.

  • Integrations for educators: LearnDash, LifterLMS, LearnPress, Tutor LMS, and more!

Marketers: Sales agents can use digital badges as a proxy for qualifying potential leads or identifying brand ambassadors.

  • Integrations for Marketers: AffiliateWP or WP Fusion (as an intermediary for most Content Management Systems) and Referrals add-on, which award users for website referrals.

Ecommerce: Reward loyal customers for their purchases or reviews by awarding digital badges.

  • Integrations for businesses: WooCommerce and Easy Digital.

Other Game Mechanics Included with GamiPress:

  • Give your users the ability to compete with one another with leaderboards.
  • Help your users make informed decisions about their progress towards awards and achievements using GamiPress progress maps.
  • Delight your returning visitors with Daily Login Rewards.
  • Follow up with your visitors using Time-based digital rewards.
  • Experiment with all of GamiPress’s mechanics in their sandbox area, all pro add-ons have access to a live demo site:

What are people saying about GamiPress?

“I researched for months – trying to figure out how to gamify our WordPress sites. There’s a few out there, but to be frank and honest – GamiPress is the best. Here’s why; There are tons of add-ons and options. I suggest getting the all-access pass – because you can customize your community how you want. Also, the support is the best. Ruben and his team are the most responsive and helpful support I have seen. GamiPress has some other cool plugins worth checking out, too!”

- Stephen L.

“Excellent points and achievements system with straightforward architecture, a wide range of all the essential plugins, integrations and extensions, and very responsive and competent customer service.”

- Matt E.

“GamiPress improves user engagement.”

- Lakmina J.

With over half the global population spending an average of over six hours online (Bond Cap, 2019), It has never been more critical for WordPress website administrators to differentiate themselves while motivating, rewarding, and delighting their audience. Today, all of Badgr’s 20,000+ digital badge issuers can extend their learning ecosystem to include any WordPress-powered websites via the GamiPress integration.

About Gamipress

Created in 2017, GamiPress adds a reliable and flexible gamification system to any WordPress-powered website. GamiPress has over 10,000 website installations around the world and over 100 add-ons that help organizations and individuals create the right online experience for their website visitors.

To learn more about this integration, visit GamiPress.