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Getting Started with Badgr Onboarding Series

The fastest way to get your digital credentialing ecosystem off the ground with Badgr

Welcome to Badgr — Achieve Anything, Recognize Everything

The Badgr team has designed this series to provide you and your team with a guided tour of Badgr’s free features so you can focus on developing a robust digital credentialing program quickly and easily. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to complete challenges designed to put your growing skills into action and have your growing skills recognized by claiming five digital badges aligned with each step of this series.

What Is Badgr?

Organizations worldwide use Badgr to create connected learning ecosystems that recognize achievement within their communities with skills-aligned digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records.

Level 1 Badge: Awarding Digital Badges

There are no limits on the number of achievements you can recognize with Badgr. Award as many badges as you need to recognize everything that matters — free of charge.

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There are many reasons to award digital badges to a learner — for example, demonstration of skills and competencies, participation in a workshop or professional training, or event attendance. Let’s give it a try!

Challenge: Create your first badge and award it to a learner.

Key Resource Awarding Badges in Badgr

Example 1: Skills/competency badge

  • This digital badge is awarded to individuals who have completed a standard assessment, allowing the learner to demonstrate and signal their adaptability. Consider awarding a badge like these 21st-century skills badges offered by the New World of Work.

Example 2: Webinar badge

  • This digital badge recognizes individuals who have attended a Badgr monthly webinar. This badge is awarded directly to individuals, via upload of a CSV attendee list, or by redeeming a QR code (requiring Badgr Pro). Consider awarding a badge like this one offered to Badgr Pro webinar attendees.

Example 3: Event badge

  • This badge award recognized attendance at a Badgr sponsored discussion during the IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit. Consider awarding a badge like this one offered by the Badgr team during your next virtual or in-person conference.

Claim the Level 1 Onboarding Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 1 onboarding badge.

Level 2 Badge: Celebrate Success with Badgr

Send signals of success to networks that matter to you and your learners. Badgr makes it easy for your learners to share their awards to external networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Try It Out

Not every achievement is resume-worthy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth recognizing and celebrating. In the second part of this series, we’ll explore ways for you to help your learners celebrate their learning experiences.

Challenge: Share a digital badge online and tag Badgr!

Key Resource A Guide to Sharing Digital Badges on Social Media

Example 1: Share your badge to a LinkedIn feed

  • Since it’s largely used for professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social platforms for sharing digital badges. Share your digital badge directly to your feed and tag @badgr.

Example 2: Share your badge on your Facebook timeline

  • When you share your digital award on Facebook, you will have the option to share your award to your newsfeed or as a story. Share your digital badge to your Facebook timeline and tag @badgrteam.

Example 3: Tweet your badge on Twitter

  • Badgr makes it easy to share your accomplishments on Twitter. Tweet your digital badge and tag @badgrTeam.

Claim the Level 2 Onboarding Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 2 onboarding badge.

Level 3 Badge: Unlimited Digital Badge Storage and Management

Badgr has partnered with Mozilla to offer industry-leading digital badge storage and management services for the lifetime of the badges you award at no cost to you or your learners.

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Now that you’ve earned one or more digital badges, where will you keep them? Badgr makes it easy to collect, organize, manage, and share all your Open Badges-compatible digital badges from one place. Badgr is the badge storage and management industry leader, and we believe everyone deserves to have access to the powerful tools they’ll need to support their personalized learning journey. That’s why there are no limits on the number of badges you can keep in Badgr.

Challenge: Share a collection of digital badges and tag Badgr!

Key Resources

Using the Badgr Backpack

Creating a Collection of Badges in Badgr

Claim the Level 3 Onboarding Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 3 onboarding badge.

Level 4 Badge: Robust Integration Options

Connect Badgr with a wide array of other platforms, including your learning management system, and simplify how your organization recognizes achievement. Award badges automatically, to a list of recipients via CSV upload, or manually to individual recipients.

Try It Out

You’ll need to create a Badgr account before completing this challenge!

Part of what makes Badgr’s digital credentialing platform so powerful is its ability to integrate with the tools your team and/or learners are already using. In the fourth step of this series, we’ll be looking at a few of the ways you can integrate Badgr with one or more of your platforms, including Microsoft Teams, learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L), and Zapier.

Challenge: Choose one of the platforms mentioned above to create a new integration with Badgr.

Key Resources and Examples

Integrate Badgr with Zapier
Integrate Badgr with Canvas
Integrate Badgr with Microsoft Teams

Example Zapier Integrations

  1. Badgr + Google Forms
    Award badges to Badgr users with updated Google Forms responses — Try it out
  2. Badgr + Zoom
    Award new Zoom webinar registrants badges from Badgr — Try it out
  3. Badgr + LearnUpon
    Award badges with Badgr to new LearnUpon course completers — Try it out

Claim the Level 4 Onboarding Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 4 onboarding badge.

Region-specific, High-Availability API Access

No other digital badging platform is backed by the expertise that comes with Badgr. We wrote the book on digital badges (literally) and we’re committed to supporting your digital credentialing ecosystem from day one and at scale. In this last step of our onboarding journey, we’re going to show a lot of love to our outstanding developer community and equip you with valuable development resources.

Integrate digital badges and micro-credentials into your existing technology infrastructure with unlimited access to Badgr’s highly scalable APIs. Badgr’s regional data centers store user data in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

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Ancient 20th-century scholars once proclaimed, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Alas, we have reached the final step of our Badgr onboarding series.

Challenge: Access the Badgr App Developers API Guide.

Key Resource Badgr App Developers API Guide

Claim the Level 5 Onboarding Badge

After completing the challenge above, simply click here to claim your level 5 onboarding badge.

Next Steps and Resources

Thank you for completing our onboarding series! Below we’ve provided you with a series of next steps and resources to help you continue on your pathway to success.

Connect with the Badgr Sales team

  • Ready to take your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level with Badgr Pro? Get in touch with our sales team for a customized quote and more information.

Enroll in our Pathway to Pro Series

  • Have you mastered the features in Badgr and are looking to take your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level? Sign up for our Pathway to Pro series and continue on your pathway to success.

Join us during an upcoming live monthly webinar

  • The Badgr team hosts a monthly webinar that takes attendees from 0 to 60 on all things digital badging. Throughout the webinar, our team solicits feedback that personalizes the direction of the conversation. Every webinar includes a Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with the team and have your questions answered!

Browse our Success Stories

  • Learn more about how others have successfully leveraged Badgr’s capabilities. Success stories include examples from institutions of higher education (University of North Texas), corporations that recognize upskilling and reskilling (Walmart and Salesforce), and more!

Visit our Pathway Gallery

  • See how other digital badge issuers are using Badgr Pathways to support learners and build successful programs.