Introducing Micro-credentialism: A Podcast That Explores the Digital Badging Landscape

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Badgr Team

May 6, 2020


Welcome to Micro-credentialism, a podcast series designed to explore the digital badging landscape and celebrate innovators in the space.

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Release Schedule

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Episode 1: Jon Kelley, May 7, 2020

Episode 2: Dr. Richard Edwards, June 11, 2020

BONUS Episode: Noah Geisel, June 15, 2020

Episode 3: Bill Moseley, July 10, 2020

Episode 4: Travis Thurston, August 11, 2020

Episode 5: Savi Barrowes, September 9, 2020

Episode 6: Kerri Lemoie, October 14, 2020

Episode 7: Megan Stiles Madel, November 11, 2020

Episode 8: Stella Porto, December 16, 2020

Listen to the first episode on Spotify

Here you can listen to a clip of our first episode on Spotify. As episodes roll out, we’ll release follow-up features that go more in-depth on the work that our guests are doing for their communities.

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