A Guide to Sharing Digital Badges on Social Media

You’ve already done the hard work of earning your badges, and your network should know about them without it needing its own training session. Here’s a quick and easy guide to sharing digital badges on social media.

Badgr Team

September 18, 2020

Badgr makes it easy for badge recipients to share their achievements on social media.

When a learner earns a digital badge, it represents more than a certification at the end of a training session or class; it’s a signal of success.

Furthermore, when digital badges connect with verified skills and competencies, learners are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to share those achievements online, especially when they align with employment opportunities. Every shared achievement also becomes an opportunity to celebrate the organization that issued that digital badge, and for that organization to make an impression.

Badgr makes this experience as seamless as possible for learners. You work hard on developing your skills, and everyone should know it. Here’s how to share your badges on social media.

Table of Contents

Sharing your badges

Earning your first digital badge

First, you’ll need a badge. If you’ve never earned one, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Go to and follow the 5 quick steps to earn the Badgr Web Explorer Badge.
  2. The badge will then be emailed to you, and if you have a Badgr account, it will also be found in your Badgr Backpack.
  3. Don’t have a Badgr account? Signing up is free and easy!

Sharing badges on LinkedIn

Since it’s largely used for professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social platforms for sharing digital badges. There are two ways to share digital badges to LinkedIn, you may choose to share your awards one, or both ways.

Posting digital badges as certifications

You can post your badge directly in your LinkedIn Certifications and make your achievement a permanent part of your professional profile.

  1. Open the detail page any badge you would like to share. This can be accomplished anywhere you go to access the badges you’ve earned. Examples include award emails, the Badgr Backpack, and from within learning management systems among many other places.
  2. Click the “Share” link in the menu on the right.
    Image: Awards can be shared across the web by accessing the "share" option on any badge that has been awarded to you.
    Badgr makes it easy to share digital badges on social media
  3. In the overlay that pops up, copy the direct badge link by clicking on the “Copy” button.
    Image: Awards can be shared across the web by accessing the "share" option on any badge that has been awarded to you.
    Share your Digital Badges on Social Media
  4. Navigate to your LinkedIn profile page
  5. Once logged into your Linkedin Account, navigate to your profile page.
  6. Just under your cover image, select the “Add profile section” dropdown and select “Licenses & Certifications”
    Image: Locate the large blue button below your cover image that reads, "Add profile section". Select that button and choose the "Licenses & Certifications" option from the dropdown menu.
    Share Digital Badges as LinkedIn Certifications
  7. A dialog box will appear where you can enter the badge information:
    • “Name” = Badge Title (Example: “Badgr Web Explorer)
    • “Issuing Organization” = Badge Issuer (Example: Badgr Team)
    • “Issue Date” = Use the Month and Year your badge was awarded
    • “Credential URL” = Use the “share link” from the badge sharing menu.
  8. Finally, “Save” your certification and you will now find your badge under the “Licenses & Certifications” section of your profile!

Posting digital badges to your LinkedIn feed

Gather accolade from your followers:

  • From the detail page of the badge you wish to share, again select “Share” in the right column menu. Navigate to “Social” in the overlay window, and select the “LinkedIn” button. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn credentials.

    Image: Select “Share in a post” and a preview of that post with the attached badge will appear. You have the option to add a description explaining your achievement, and hashtags to help the post end up in the right feeds.
    Share Digital Badges to Your LinkedIn Feed

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Sharing badges on Facebook

When you share your digital award to Facebook, you will have the option to share your award to your news feed or as a story. By default, a link to your award will be added to your post as an attachment. Your audience can learn more details about the award by clicking the badge link.

Image: When you share your badges on Facebook, you have the option to add details about the award you earned or let the badge speak for itself. By default "News Feed" is already selected, select "Post to Facebook" and your post will instantly appear on your page.
Share Digital Badges to Your Facebook Feed
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Sharing badges on Twitter

Badgr makes it easy to share your accomplishments on Twitter. When you opt to share your digital badge on Twitter, the post comes pre-written with a link to the achievement details.

Image: Leave the pre-authored message as it appears, or add your own copy and hashtags. Select "Tweet" to post to your feed.
Share Digital Badges to Your Twitter Feed
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Sharing badges on Pinterest

Just like with the other social channels, sharing your badges on Pinterest is as easy as hitting a button.

Image: When you opt to share on Pinterest, an image and link to your badge appears, just select an existing pin board, or create a new one, and select "Save"
Share Digital Badges on Pinterest

And You’re Done!

In addition to social media platforms, digital badges can be shared through email, resumes, professional profiles, on websites, and more!

We like to say, “If you can post a link, you can post your awards."

Image: After selecting "Share" from the main menu, you may share your award via a direct link (which can optionally include your name), across social networks, or may be embedded directly into a web page, online portfolio, or profile.
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You’ve already done the hard work of earning your badges, and your network should know about them without it needing its own training session. This guide is quick and easy because the Badgr platform makes sharing on social media easy. So, get out there and show your followers what you can do!

For more detailed information you can visit our support page “Sharing badges on social media

cover image photo by Kelly Sikkema