Submitting Evidence for Open Badges in Canvas

Evidence submission is now being used to enhance the value of badges in Canvas Courses.

Badgr Team

May 4, 2017

Our Badgr for Canvas users have been asking for the ability to have learners submit evidence of their achievement as a requirement to earn a badge - and in the latest Badgr for Canvas update, we’ve delivered. Learners can now submit a URL as evidence and automatically earn a badge when they meet the module completion requirements.

Badgr for Canvas can now be added as an “External Tool” to a module in a Canvas course. Once added, this module item will display the badge the learner can earn and an optional field for submitting a URL for completion evidence. Connecting evidence to a badge increases the value of the badge to the earner and reinforces the criteria.

Key advantages:

  • The learner gains the ability to see the badge they can earn from within the module.
  • The instructor gains the ability to optionally require an evidence URL submission to earn a badge, insuring badges are only issued to learners that meet the module completion requirements.
  • Badge consumers gain additional insights regarding the achievement from the evidence submitted by the learner.

Evidence submission is now being used to enhance the value of badges in Canvas Courses.

I think this is an important advance for the Badgr app and Open Badges in general. Getting evidence URLs into badges has always been a big hassle for generating “evidence-rich” badges. By making it possible to create Open Badges where the earners are responsible for inserting the evidence URL into the badge solves that problem in an elegant way. Plus, the research on motivation suggests that that having earners take charge of inserting the evidence will enhance their sense of ownership and pride, and make it more likely that they share their badges out of social networks.

Daniel Hickey, Professor and Coordinator, Learning Sciences Program, Indiana University

Nate Otto, Director of Open Badges at Concentric Sky said, “Evidence is an essential piece of many badge system designs, and we’re happy to offer this first step to supporting the Canvas community in using evidence to award the most meaningful badges possible in courses across the spectrum.”

The development of this feature was supported in part by the TAPD program of the California K-12 High Speed Network. Through the generosity of the TAPD program and Concentric Sky, these new features are being made available to all users of Badgr in Canvas.

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