Analytics for Badgr Pro

Create a smarter learning ecosystem.

  • Award-level Insights

    Real-time analytics provide your team with powerful, at-a-glance badge-level insights. Quickly get the full picture of how popular each of your badges are, how often they are shared, and to which platforms.

  • Issuer Analytics

    Get a quick status check and maintain issuer alignment. Badgr Pro provides your organization with granular, issuer-level analytics, staff management, group formation, and pathway creation conveniently from one powerful view.

  • Scale your Organization

    Capture a full picture of your learning ecosystem with one click. Badgr Pro’s personalized, org-level analytics view improves your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of each issuer within your organization and each badge awarded.

  • Maximize Marketing ROI

    Every time a customer advocate celebrates their achievement by sharing their digital badge online, your organization has an opportunity to make an impression. Badgr Pro provides your team with at-a-glance reports that help you maximize engagement by visualizing how and when awards are shared across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Portfolium.

  • Your Ecosystem, your Data

    Access and export detailed reports from Badgr Pro so your team can analyze, visualize, and strategize in your data analysis software of choice.

Visualize Your Learning Ecosystem with Badgr Pro Analytics

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