Badgr for Canvas

Meet your learners where they are.

  • Unlimited

    Badgr for Canvas lets you award as many badges as you want to fully recognize your learners’ achievements. Upgrade to Badgr Pro to take advantage of analytics and powerful Canvas-specific features.

  • Motivational

    Intrinsically and extrinsically motivate your learners by gamifying your course and allowing students to compete for badges with optional course leaderboards. Badges can also serve as a way of empowering students to track their course progress and completion alongside peers while protecting their privacy.

  • Automated

    Automatically award badges in Canvas courses to give students meaningful credentials and differentiated, learning signals without increasing your workload.

  • Compatible

    Badgr for Canvas is based on the Open Badges standard, so every award becomes a portable record of your learner’s achievements and can be shared across channels that matter to your learners.

  • Informational

    Activate powerful new features with a Badgr Pro subscription! Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro analytics to deeply understand course metrics and student learning achievements across Canvas courses.

  • Social

    Understand how your learners are showcasing their achievements, including how they are being shared across social channels.

  • Connected

    With Badgr Pro, you can track badges from Portfolium, Microsoft Teams, and other Badgr-connected platforms from within your Canvas course.

Recognize learners with Badgr’s free Canvas module.

By awarding Open Badges in Canvas, you help students build portable, visible records of what they actually learned — and communicate those learning experiences into meaningful, actionable signals that employers and peers can understand.

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Get Started with Badgr for Canvas

Leverage the power of Badgr’s industry-leading digital credentialing solution conveniently in your Canvas learning management system in 5 minutes or less.

  1. Install

    Badgr is the native badging application of Canvas — it can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

  2. Create

    Create Open Badges in Canvas or pull them in from your Badgr account.

  3. Award

    Award digital badges to your learners one at a time or in bulk, or automate awards based on module completion requirements.

  4. Share

    Students can share their awards directly from Canvas or from their free-for-life Badgr Backpack to networks that matter to them, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Students do not need to create Badgr accounts to receive and share their badges.

Take Your Courses to the Next Level with Badgr Pro

Using Badgr Pro for Canvas, institutions and instructional leaders can create a fully-realized digital badging ecosystem conveniently within the Canvas learning management system.

  1. Track

    Use badges to help instructors and students keep track of individual module completion and overall course progress. Badgr also comes with an optional leaderboard that can help you motivate your students while giving them the option to remain anonymous.

  2. Understand

    Gain a deeper insight into student achievement and access powerful analytics that reveal course trends including how your students are claiming and sharing their Open Badges across the web.

  3. Report

    See which courses are awarding the most badges and how different teachers are using badges to meet the needs of their students. Badgr Pro gives you the ability to compare differentiated approaches to teaching and learning.

  4. Manage

    Admins can see which staff members have access to issuers and which issuers are associated with each course.

  5. Connect

    Bring your whole digital badging ecosystem into focus, Badgr Pro gives you the ability to track badges from Portfolium and other Badgr-connected platforms conveniently within Canvas.