Build a learning ecosystem with Badgr Pro

Take your digital credentialing ecosystem to the next level with skills-aligned digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records - all backed by Badgr’s powerful analytics.

  • Connect Achievement with Opportunity

    Connect your digital credentials and learning pathways to meaningful skills definitions that transform your awards into marketable currency for your learners.

  • Stackable Learning Pathways

    Organize your digital badges into a stackable, visually-connected landscape that helps your learners understand where they are in their learning journey.

  • Highly Configurable Print Certificates

    Certify your learner's achievements with customizable print certificates that are easy to share, independently verifiable, and communicate the rigor and value of your program.

  • White Label and SSO Integration

    Create a seamless experience that meets the needs of your learners - and your IT staff - while highlighting your brand identity.

  • Claim Codes and Advanced Awarding Mechanisms

    Connect Badgr with a wide array of systems, including your learning management system, and simplify how your organization recognizes achievement. Badgr offers a number of versatile awarding options including bulk awards, LMS integrations, and other advanced awarding mechanisms like QR and claim codes.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Badgr Pro’s real-time analytics produce powerful, at-a-glance insights that help your team focus on improving learning outcomes while getting a full picture of your learning ecosystem. Export your insights into a data lake or your favorite BI tool in a single click and increase your organization’s agility at scale.

  • Custom Data Fields

    Add powerful and configurable data fields that add rigor, value, and relevance to your digital awards. Any custom data fields your organization creates will appear in data exports - simplifying the analysis process in your favorite BI tools.

  • Comprehensive Learner Record

    Learning is a lifelong pursuit, Badgr’s interoperable comprehensive learner record is portable and helps learners understand, manage, and share their verifiable achievements all from one place.

  • Verified Issuer Account

    Use your verified issuer account to award secure credentials that your learners can trust and value. Badgr’s straightforward management tools empower your organization to create an experience that adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

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