Badgr Pathways

Put your learner’s journey in perspective with customizable, stackable, and shareable credential pathways.

  • Shareable

    Learners can share easy-to-understand visual maps of their individual achievements and progress throughout their learning journeys.

  • Customizable

    Stack, sort, and organize achievements into user-friendly learning pathways that help everyone understand the requirements of your organization and the progress of your learners. Create a fully branded experience with Badgr Pro and keep your users in sync with SSO integration options.

  • Aligned

    Easily create pathways that track your user’s progress through industry and education standards that matter to your organization and your learners.

  • Stackable

    Build pathways that require third-party credentials such as industry certifications or achievements representing skills, competencies, or concept mastery. Stack pathways within your organization or in partnership with other organizations to illustrate a visually connected landscape of learning that showcases the relationships between programs offered by educational institutions, employers, and organizations that you and your learners trust.

  • Automated

    Save time by automating the attainment rules for your learning achievements. Reduce unnecessary tasks and scale your ability to recognize learners by defining completion options and automatically rewarding learners who meet your criteria.

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