Skills Alignment with Badgr Pro

Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring.

  • Connect Awards with Skills

    Connect your digital credentials and learning pathways with meaningful skills definitions that establish marketable currency for your awards and connect learning experiences with job opportunities.

  • Real-time Labor Market Data

    Align your awards with Emsi’s skill library to connect your training opportunities with real-time labor market data and information about related skills, helping your learners better understand their opportunities and helping employers find the right candidate.

  • Connect Learning Outcomes with Live Job Listings Worldwide

    Augment your credentials with global, real-time job search via, to help your learners quickly identify the next steps in their professional journey.

  • Global Skills Portability

    Build micro-credentials that align to globally recognized skills and competencies like ESCO or the AQF to better communicate the value and portability of your learning outcomes.

  • A Rosetta Stone for Skills

    Join the Open Skills Network, a growing coalition of more than 40 employers and education providers that champion common, open skills libraries to better connect today’s learners with career opportunities.

Connect learning experiences with career opportunity

Equip your learners with the tools they need to understand and communicate the value of their skills, talent, and experiences.

Ready to create skill-based education and career pathways?

Aligning Achievements to Skills

Connect learning experiences with job opportunities and real-time labor market insights.

  1. Activate

    Have your organization administrator activate “Badge Skills Alignment” to unlock skills alignment for your digital awards.

  2. Design

    Use Badgr’s integration with Emsi to determine which marketable skills are in demand in your region.

  3. Align

    Create as many digital credentials as you need to meet the needs of your learners and professional development programs.