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Badgr: Achieve Anything, Recognize Everything

The Easiest Way to Issue Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials

Thousands of organizations around the world use Badgr to create branded learning ecosystems that support their communities with digital credentials, stackable learning pathways, and portable learner records.

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Join Badgr’s Extensive Global Network

Badgr is trusted by over 20,000 issuing organizations spanning over 140 countries. Millions of users earn, share, and use digital credentials in Badgr every day.

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Why Digital Badges?

For Your Organization

  • Create branded credential systems that connect your learners to new opportunities.
  • Recognize and reward your learners with secure, portable, and sharable digital credentials.
  • Visualize, analyze, learn from, and expand your community using Badgr’s powerful Pathways functionality.

For Your Learners

  • Explore authentic and meaningful learning experiences, created by organizations you trust.
  • Collect and organize digital badges and credentials in your free, unlimited personal backpack.
  • Share awards and collections to networks that matter to you, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Learning Pathways

Put Your Users’ Learning Journeys into Perspective

  • Join thousands of other organizations creating networks of opportunity for learners everywhere.
  • Organize your users’ learning experiences into portable, stackable pathways that can integrate credentials from other platforms and learning management systems.
  • Build brand awareness within your target audiences by creating learning pathways that align with meaningful standards and certification frameworks.

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