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The New World of Work team partnered with Connected Lane County and the Badgr platform to create digital learner Badges that align with the “Top 10” list of 21st Century Skills. Badge assessments are based on the NWoW high school video series and can be used in high school programs, adult education, or for the general public. They are considered the first step on the 21st Century Skills Badge Pathway because they indicate a basic understanding of the essential 21st Century Skills, as well as provide an introduction to earning badges.

To progress through the 21st Century Skills Pathway, learners must earn 16 badges demonstrating varying levels of understanding of the ten New World of Work 21st Century Skills:

  • Ten of ten possible self-directed Learner Badges
  • Three of ten possible instructor assessed Academic Badges
  • Three of ten Employer Verified Badges for skills that have been demonstrated in the workplace.

The ten 21st century skills are:

  • Adaptability (Open to Change)
  • Analysis/Solution Mindset (Problem Solver)
  • Collaboration (Team Player)
  • Communication (Good Communicator)
  • Digital Fluency (Good with Technology)
  • Empathy (Sensitive to Others’ Feelings)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (Go-Getter)
  • Resilience (Plans for Success & Bounces Back from Failure)
  • Self-Awareness (Self-Understanding)
  • Social/Diversity Awareness (Sensitive to Differences in Backgrounds and Beliefs)

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