Badgr and eLumen present at ELumenation 2020

Badgr teams up with Matt Coombs, COO of eLumen for a presentation of guided learning pathways at eLumenation 2020.

Badgr Team

September 11, 2020

The skills-aligned digital badging ecosystem can be challenging. With massive changes in the job market, traditional methods of preparing learners for the workforce and assessing their career readiness are at a crossroads.

When used at institutions of higher education, digital badges represent an alternate mechanism of documenting learning achievements that allow institutions to showcase the value of learning experiences to students, and to employers who sometimes need more information than a simple letter grade can provide.

Presenting Learning Pathways at eLumenation 2020

This presentation was co hosted by

  • Robert Bajor, Digital Credentialing Evangelist, Concentric Sky (the creators of Badgr)
  • Matt Coombs, Chief Operating Officer, eLumen
Download the presentation slides