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May 25, 2021

Welcome to the micro-credential scholar series!

As industry leaders, the Badgr team celebrates every contribution to the digital badging space from thought leaders worldwide. We invite you to explore our curated collection of scholarly articles, white papers, and investigations designed to help you drive the development of a world-class, research-backed learning and recognition ecosystem for your diverse community of learners.

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A ‘disruptive’ look at competency-based education: how the innovative use of technology will transform the college experience Louis Soares → Access the article

A Content Analysis of the Emergent Scholarship on Digital and Open Badges in Higher Education Learning and AssessmenMicrt Noela A. Haughton (University of Toledo) Priti R. Singh (University of Toledo) → Access the article

A History and Frameworks of Digital Badges in Education Nathaniel Ostashewski and Doug ReidAccess the article

A Practical Guide to Integrating the use of Digital Badges within K-12 Classroom Environments Erin Besser (University of South Carolina Aiken) → Access the article

Alternative Assessments, Unintended Consequences: The Promise and Peril of Digital Badges Lauren Zucker and Troy HicksAccess the article

An Overview of the Global Open Educational Badge Movement: Opportunities and Challenges Terry McGovernAccess the article

Assessment challenges in open learning: Way-finding, fork in the road, or end of the line? Dianne ConradAccess the article

Assessment’s Place in the New MOOC World Cathy Sandeen, Ph.D.Access the article

Badge trouble: piloting open badges at The Australian National University Mewburn, Inger; Freund, Katharina; Rutherford, EmilyAccess the article

Badges For (Lifelong) Learning-Gamification, Enhanced Visibility Of Reached Achievements And Continuous Building Of E-Portfolio As Data Source For Learning Analytics Jakub ŠtogrAccess the article

Badges for Peer Assessment of Teamwork in Organized Education Zuzana Kubincová (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia) Dana Šuníková (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia) Martin Homola (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia) → Access the article

Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices: A Simple, Low-Cost, Effective Method for Increasing Transparency Mallory C. Kidwell, Ljiljana B. Lazarević, Erica Baranski, Tom E. Hardwicke, Sarah Piechowski, Lina-Sophia Falkenberg, Curtis Kennett,Agnieszka Slowik, Carina Sonnleitner, Chelsey Hess-Holden, Timothy M. Errington, Susann Fiedler, and Brian A. NosekAccess the article

Badges: A Common Currency for Learning Kyle Bowen & Andrea ThomasAccess the article

Badges: Show what you know Sheryl GrantAccess the article

Blockchain-Based Badge Award with Existence Proof Min Choi, Shinde Rupali Kiran, Se-Chang Oh, and Oh-Young KwonAccess the article

Comparing badges and learning goals in low- and high-stakes learning contexts Bradley J. Morris, Colleen Dragovich, Rachael Todaro, Sebiha Balci & Eve Dalton → Access the article

Decentralized badges in educational contexts: the integration of open badges in sapo campus Carlos Santos, Luís Pedro, Sara Almeida, and Mónica ArestaAccess the article

Developing Open Badges: a comprehensive approach Vladan Devedžić and Jelena JovanovićAccess the article

Did awarding badges increase data sharing in BMJ Open? A randomized controlled trial Anisa Rowhani-Farid, Adrian Aldcroft and Adrian G. BarnettAccess the article

Digital “Badges” Emerge as Part of Credentialing’s Future Frank Catalano and Kenneth J. DoucetAccess the article

Digital Badges Linda FrederiksenAccess the article

Digital Badges and Ethics: The Uses of Individual Learning Data in Social Contexts Jamies Willis III, Daniel Hickey, and Joshua QuickAccess the article

Digital Badges at NATO School Oberammergau Roman, Gigi; Geiss, Tanja; Tremblay, RemiAccess the article

Digital Badges in Education David Gibson, Nathaniel Ostashewskim, Kim Flintoff, Sheryl Grant, and Erin KnightAccess the article

Digital badges, do they live up to the hype? Sherre Roy and Damien Clark → Access the article

Digital Badges: Beyond Learning Incentives Emily Josephine HurstAccess the article

Digital Badges: Signposts and Claims of Achievement Răzvan Rughiniş and Stefania MateiAccess the article

Digital Open Badge-Driven Learning - Competence-based Professional Development for Vocational Teachers Sanna BrauerAccess the article

Do Badges Affect Intrinsic Motivation in Introductory Programming Students? Lisa Facey-Shaw, Marcus Specht, Peter van Rosmalen, and Jeanette Bartley-BryanAccess the article

Effectiveness of Undergraduate Instructional Design Assistants in Scaling a Teacher Education Open Badge System Daniel L. Randall, Brigham Young University, United States ; Tadd Farmer, Purdue University, United States ; Richard E. West, Brigham Young University, United StatesAccess the article

Evaluating the Implication of Open Badges in an Open Learning Environment to Higher Education Xiaoxing MaAccess the article

Evaluating the Use of Open Badges in an Open Learning Environment Jose Luis Santos, Sven Charleer, Gonzalo Parra, Joris Klerkx, Erik Duval, and Katrien VerbertAccess the article

Examining Perceptions of Digital Badges Mellissa Sanchez (University of North Texas, United States) → Access the article

Exploring Open Digital Badges in Teacher Education: a Case Study from India Freda Wolfenden, Lina Adinolfi, and Simon CrossAccess the article

Exploring the Potential of Open Badges in Blog-Based University Courses Hans Põldoja and Mart LaanpereAccess the article

From Girl Scout To Grown Up: Emerging Applications of Digital Bages In Higher Education Margaret WU, Dan WHITELEY, and Margaret SASS → Access the article

From OER to PLAR: Credentialing for Open Education Norm Friesen, Christine WihakAccess the article

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Designing Open Badges for a Technology Integration Course Daniel L. Randall, J. Buckley Harrison, and Richard E. WestAccess the article

Grading students’ programming and soft skills with open badges: A case study Bojan Tomić, Jelena Jovanović, Nikola Milikić, Vladan Devedžić, Sonja Dimitrijević, Dragan Đurić, and Zoran ŠevaracAccess the article

How can Open Badges be used in higher education? Analysis of the spread of an innovation at IAE Caen Sylvie Cieply, Isabelle GrandAccess the article

Improving awareness and reflection through collaborative, interactive visualizations of badges Sven Charleer, Joris Klerkx, Jose Luis Santos and Erik DuvalAccess the article

Independent Learning, MOOCs, and the Open Badges Infrastructure Michael Grahame MooreAccess the article

Innovating with Digital Badges in Assessment: A Case Study Using Digital Badges in an Undergraduate University Module. Crystal FultonAccess the article

Instilling purpose and value in the implementation of digital badges in higher education Jill Stefaniak & Kimberly CareyAccess the article

Instructional digital badges: effective learning tools Timothy J. Newby & Zui ChengAccess the article

Investigating perceptions and potential of open badges in formal higher education Ian Glover (Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom) Farzana Latif (City University London, United Kingdom) → Access the article

Learner Participation and Engagement in Open Online Courses: Insights from the Peer 2 Peer University Ahn, June; Butler, Brian S; Alam, Alisha; Webster, Sarah A.Access the article

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS): Emerging Trends in Assessment and Accreditation Amit ChauhanAccess the article

Micro-Credentials, Nano Degrees, and Digital Badges: New Credentials for Global Higher Education Pamela A. Lemoine (Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, USA) Michael D. Richardson (Department of Educational Leadership, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA, USA) → Access the article

Motivating the Learner: Mozilla’s Open Badges Program Emily GoligoskiAccess the article

Motivational Impact and Value Perception of Digital Badges towards Applying for Jobs: Evidence from Indonesian Undergraduates Christian Haposan Pangaribuan, Sampoerna UniversityAccess the article

Online scaffolding in digital open badge-driven learning Sanna Brauer ORCID Icon, Anne-Maria Korhonen, and Pirkko SiklanderAccess the article

Open Badges and Key Competencies Serge RavetAccess the article

Open Badges as Credentials in Open Education Systems: Case Studies from Greece and Europe Sofia Theodor Papadimitriou and Maria Ioannis NiariAccess the article

Open badges for education: what are the implications at the intersection of open systems and badging? June Ahna, Anthony Pelliconea and Brian S. ButleraAccess the article

Open Badges in Higher Education Myllymäki, Mikko and Hakala, IsmoAccess the article

Open badges Part 3: Framework and strategies in action Naomi HennahAccess the article

Open badges: a visual method of recognising achievement and increasing learner motivation Ian GloverAccess the article

Open Badges: Challenges and Opportunities Jelena Jovanovic and Vladan DevedzicAccess the article

Open Badges: Novel Means to Motivate, Scaffold and Recognize Learning Jelena Jovanovic & Vladan DevedzicAccess the article

Open Digital Badges and Reward Structures Hickey, Daniel T.; Schenke, KaterinaAccess the article

Open digital badges for the uninitiated James BuckinghamAccess the article

Open Education 2030: planning the future of adult learning in Europe Jonatan Castaño Muñoz, Christine Redecker, Riina Vuorikari, and Yves PunieAccess the article

Preservice teachers’ technology integration attitude change in a course implementing digital badges Sunnie Lee Watson (Purdue University, United States) Ji Hyun Yu (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, United States) Hamdan Alamri (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) William R. Watson (Purdue University, United States) → Access the article

Professional Development of Digital Competences: Standardised Frameworks Supporting Evolving Digital Badging Practices Jaana Kullaslahti, Sanna Ruhalahti, and Sanna BrauerAccess the article

Recognising Achievement with Badges and Blockchain in a Connectivist MOOC Stephen DownesAccess the article

Recognizing competencies vs. completion vs. participation: Ideal roles for web-enabled digital badges Daniel T. Hickey and Grant T. ChartrandAccess the article

Refining Open Educational Resources For Both Learner And Institution Law, PatrinaAccess the article

Self-Regulated Learning in MOOCs: Do Open Badges and Certificates of Attendance Motivate Learners to Invest More? Anja Lorenz, Marlen Dubrau, and Andrea GumpertAccess the article

Semantic Competency Directory for Constructive Alignment in Digital Learning Designs and Systems Ilona Buchem and Johannes KonertAccess the article

Smart Blockchain Badges for Data Science Education Alexander Mikroyannidis; John Domingue; Michelle Bachler; Kevin QuickAccess the article

Steering user behavior with badges Ashton Anderson, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg, and Jure LeskovecAccess the article

Students’ Perception of Using Digital Badges in Blended Learning Classrooms Li Zhou,Liwen Chen, Qinman Fan, and Yueli JiAccess the article

Supporting Self-regulated Learning Through Digital Badges: A Case Study Stefania Cucchiara, Alessandra Giglio, Donatella Persico, and Juliana E. RaffaghelliAccess the article

Talkative objects in need of interpretation. Re-thinking digital badges in education Razvan RughinisAccess the article

The Potential and Value of Using Digital Badges for Adult Learners Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly, Erin Knight, Mozilla Foundation, and Susan Manning, University of WisconsinAccess the article

The Role, Implementation and Impact of Digital Open Badges on a Civil Engineering Degree Wayne GibbonsAccess the article

The use of Open Badges in library and information science education in Estonia Virkus, SirjeAccess the article

The use, role and reception of open badges as a method for formative and summative reward in two Massive Open Online Courses Cross, Simon; Whitelock, Denise and Galley, RebeccaAccess the article

They help us realise what we’re actually gaining: The impact on undergraduates and teaching staff of displaying transferable skills badges Michelle A Hill, Tina Overton, Russell RA Kitson, Christopher D Thompson, Rowan H Brookes, Paolo Coppo, Lynne BayleyAccess the article

Transcending conventional credentialing and assessment paradigms with information-rich digital badges Carla Casilli & Daniel HickeyAccess the article

Understanding student behavior and perceptions toward earning badges in a gamified MOOC Alejandro Ortega-Arranz, Erkan Er, Alejandra Martínez-Monés, Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez & Juan A. Muñoz-CristóbalAccess the article

Usage of a mobile social learning platform with virtual badges in a primary school Ivica Boticki, Jelena Baksa, Peter Seow, and Chee-Kit LooiAccess the article

Using digital badges as goal-setting facilitators: a multiple case study Zui Cheng, Jennifer C. Richardson & Timothy J. NewbyAccess the article

Using Digital Badges to Promote Professional Develoment in Higher Education Gary Janchenko, Robert Morris University and Anthony Rodi, D.Sc. University of PittsburghAccess the article

Using Open Badges to Certify Practicing Evaluators Randall Davies, Dan Randall, and Richard E. WestAccess the article

Utilizing Instantaneous Feedback to Promote Self-Regulated Learning in Online Higher Education Courses: The Case for Digital Badges Melissa Fanshawe (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) Nicole Delaney (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) Alwyn Powell (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) → Access the article

Value of Open Microcredentials to Earners and Issuers: A Case Study of National Instruments Open Badges Danny Young, Richard Edward West and Travis Ann NylinAccess the article

What Counts as Learning: Open Digital Badges for New Opportunities Sheryl GrantAccess the article

What do first-year students need? Digital badges for academic support to enhance student retention Dana-Kristin Mah (University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany) Dirk Ifenthaler (Curtin University, Bentley, Australia) → Access the article

Whom Will Digital Badges Empower? Sociological Perspectives on Digital Badges Michael OlneckAccess the article

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